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Indian spells can boost clairvoyance and psychic powers

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Spells or chants are cosmic and weird words which can be measured by today's science. Do you know the chant "OM" is measured by science researcher as most vibrant word in universe, may be therefore it called the supreme one. Indian religions can not be imagined without chants or spells. Mantra is synonyms Hindi word of it. The Lord God Shiva called supreme producer or master of whole spells and mantras. All Indian God and Goddess have their own specific chants which devotees use to worship them, generally, chants and prayers are formed in the ancient Sanskrit language. In the Bible it described that "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God"

How can chants boost psychic and clairvoyance powers

Top Five Mantra of Hinduism

Every chant in Hindu religion has own weird powers. Every mantra formed for specific goal and reason. When some one chanting in proper way, it makes one calm and more focused in life, according Hindu mythology, it reveals the inner powers of the one called "Kundalini Shakti". The spell vibrate and attract cosmic energy and being medium between devotee and cosmic energy. Thus, chants can boost psychic and clairvoyance powers of any one.

How the chants and prayers should be recited

Every specific prayer or chant to be followed by some specific rules, so that you can be sure to be succeed for the purpose. After reciting any mantra, you should perform the aarti prayer to the deity. Aarti is a prayer for thanksgiving to the God or Goddess.

Spell should be read carefully, with the devotion in the mantra and God or Goddess with correct pronunciation, as wrong pronunciation being the reason of failure of success. Every one who will to learn and try the Indian spells, should be devotee for Hinduism, only for testing purpose being reason of unsuccess.

Which are the top five supreme mantras of Hinduism

According Hindu mythology, there are more than 70 millions mantras in Hinduism. But, some are great and supreme chants. No doubt, the "OM" or "AUM" is on the number one in the race.

The Gayatri mantra is the second most powerful and supreme chant of Goddess Gayatri. Main purpose of the Gayatri mantra is that devotee can inter connect with inner soul and cosmic energy.

The third can be say the "Maha Mritunjaya Mantra", the chant of God Shiva. It means, victory on death and victory on inner soul. This is the greatest chant of Lord Shiva for the purpose of being heal and healthy.

The fourth, chant of Lord Ganesha is "Om Ganeshay Namh" which also known as supreme mantra, because without the worship of Ganesha, worship to any deity being unsuccessful. This spell's purpose to remove any burdens in life and any work.

The fifth supreme manta or prayer about the God Vishnu called "Vishnu Vandana". It start from "Shantakaaram Bhujagshynam ....", the is the prayer to get boon from Vishnu for money, health and peaceful life.

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