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Pythagorean Numerology Heart Desire Number or Soul Urge Number Meaning and Predictions

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Heart Desire Number Numerology - This number is known as Soul Urge Number also. In simple words, it means what desire you have at your heart. A heart desire number describe inner resources and says about what a person has and what wants more. The soul urge number is calculated from Vowels in a name. This is the sum of vowels numbers. Read below, the meaning and predictions of every Pythagorean heart desire number which is from 1 to 9 and 11, 22, 33 which are known as master numbers. If you want to know how to calculate name heart desire number OR want to check with soul urge number calculator, you can check out Heart Desire Number Calculator.

Numerology Heart Desire Number Predictions and Meaning

Heart Desire Number - 1
The number 1 is influenced by the Sun, The planet Sun gives deep desire to be a leader of the family and other people. They want respect and credit from people surrounding them. They want and can complete the work as they are best accomplishment persons. The number one person be a winner when he/she is appreciated for what is doing, because this fulfilled him/her with lots of positivity and creativity.

Soul Urge Number - 2
The number 2 is influenced by the Moon, which gives them inner quality of peacemaker, born friendly and cooperative nature. The number two person wants everything should be easygoing in any situation. Heart desire number 2 impacted person need deep inner desire of love, peace and harmony.

Numerology Heart Desire Number - 3
The Soul urge number three is influenced by Jupiter, so their inner desire reflects the traits of Jupiter such as artistic talents, charismatic personality, and cheerful behavior. The person of heart desire no. 3 tend to be joyful for self and others. Number three person has strong desire to express self by artistic manner. They have inner desire to be the leader of any group surrounding them.

Numerology Soul Urge Number - 4
The heart desire number four is influenced by Uranus/Raahu so their inner desire reflects the qualities of Uranus/Raahu. They have strong desire to be safe for finance and future and always want respect for their loyalty and workmanship. Security and protection from everything is inner need of them.

Heart Desire Numerology Number - 5
The Soul Urge number five is influenced by Mercury, so they have a strong inner desire for freedom in every aspect of life. They have a deep curiosity to know, learn and then, execute any work. This number tends to be adventurous with new and unusual things. They want to change either at their home or their workplace.

Soul Urge Numerology Number - 6
The heart desire number 6 is influenced by Venus, therefore they want to be an ideal person for the family. They have the deep affection and sense of responsibility for their spouse and family. They are good healer and nurturer and want to be more for whom they love a lot. They have the desire of love, luxury life, and harmony.

Heart Desire Number - 7
The Soul Urge number 7 is influenced by Neptune/Ketu, therefore they have the great need to know and learn the spiritual aspect of anything. They have desire to spend life with peace and comfort and want to learn everything, deep desire to obtained more and more wisdom to be the perfectionist and intellectual.

Soul Urge Number - 8
This heart desire number 8 is influenced by Saturn, so they have a deep heart desire to be the leader in workplace or in business. They want secured future and success in a financial manner and want to be powerful, authority person and dependable. In simple words, they need to be rich and big brother in commercial projects.

Numerology Heart Desire Number - 9
The Soul Urge number Nine is influenced by Mars, therefore, they have deep desire to serve humanity and world with their knowledge and experiences without expecting anything. They tend to be a courageous person who can take risks at any level.

Numerology Soul Urge Number - 11
The Heart Desire number 11 is known as a master number with traits of number 2 which is influenced by Moon. Therefore, they have a strong desire to be spiritual, peacemaker, and psychic person. They are big dreamer then number two person, and want the dream should be true by their way.

Heart Desire Numerology Number - 22
The Soul Urge number 22 is known as a master number with traits of number 4 which is influenced by Uranus/Raahu. Therefore, they have a strong desire for safe and secure future. They want respect and love from family and friends. They tend to be the powerful person and realistic and want to be ambitious, confident and builder of future.

Soul Urge Numerology Number - 33
The Heart Desire number 33 is known as a master number with traits of number 6 which is influenced by Venus. Therefore, they have the deep desire for luxury life and love from family. They want to secure their family by the financial and healthy manner and tend to be responsible for family and in work area.

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