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Numerology Destiny Number Meaning - Pythagorean Expression Number Predictions

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Destiny Number Numerology - This number tells about destiny, about likelihoods and behaviour, about the life journey and ways the person obtained. Every name has meaning according numerology, each alphabet of name has numeric value in numerology. Every number has specific vibration and cosmic energy of specific planet. Every name has various type of numerology numbers. The most forceful and powerful name number is destiny number which is known as fortunate number or expression number also. The destiny number is total of all numbers which assigned for English alphabets. Here, you can know meaning of destiny numbers which is from 1 to 9 and 11, 22 and 33 as master numbers. If you want to know how to calculate name destiny number OR want to check with fortunate number calculator, you should try Destiny Number Calculator.

Numerology Destiny Number Prediction and Meaning

Name Destiny Number - 1
The number 1 is ruled by The Sun. The 1 means Leader, Independence, Creative.
Destiny number 1 is influenced by the qualities of planet Sun like firm determined, brave and leadership qualities. The no. 1 people are original thinker and originator of all action. They have quality to control everything around them. Sometimes, they become stubborn and angry when things not happen according their desire. They are real and original thinker, creative and dominate persons. They can play good role as inventor, leader, explorer and head of family. Number one represents the card Magician.

Name Expression Number - 2
The number 2 is ruled by The Moon. The 2 means Diplomat, Peacemaker, Sensitive.
The destiny number 2 people are ruled and influenced by the planet Moon. Number two represents sensitivity, imagination and dream oriented nature. They are such a romantic and co operative persons, that people want to live with them, people know them as real peacemaker. They are diplomat persons with duo personality. The person of no. 1 is fond of music and may become good singer. They love travel and home too. Many times, they have unknown fears in life so they adopt secret behaviour, people can not judge their next move. The more energy of number two may makes them shy, over sensitive and makes fantasy dreamer. Number two represents the card High Priestess.

Name Destiny Number - 3
The number 3 is ruled by The Jupiter. The 3 means Creative, Entertainer, Ideal.
The expression number 3 has qualities of planet Jupiter and influenced by Jupiter in whole life. A social person who are creative, communicative and dramatic. The number 3 represents artistic talents, charismatic personality and cheerful behaviour. They are religious, truthful, highly educated or highly skilled person. The no. 3 can become great ideal for others and love to travel, learn the new ways of joy and happiness. They trust in total freedom in every aspect of life, specially freedom of speech. The person of destiny number three can become good lawyer, artist, writer and publisher. Number three represents the card Empress.

Name Expression Number - 4
The number 4 is ruled by The Uranus or Raahu. The 4 means Secretive, Dependable, Practical.
The Uranus or Raahu known for sudden and unexpected events in mysterious way. People of number three are influenced by The Uranus or Raahu in their life. They face many unexpected events in life due to this. The fourth is a practical person who believe in individualism, tolerance, and originality. Secretive nature and unexpected behaviour to others is main traits of number four. They always plan to make foundation of future with weird ideas. They are called systematic and trustworthy. They have long list of likes and dislikes, they should avoid stubborn and rigid behaviour to others. Number four represents the card Emperor.

Name Destiny Number - 5
The number 5 is ruled by The Mercury. The 5 means Communicator, Restless, Versatile.
People of expression number five have traits of planet Mercury such as fast movement, versatile nature, communication skill and multi talents. These qualities give them opportunity to become good sales persons, actors, writers, media and commercial post related persons and sales or communication experts. The person who has number 5 as destiny number is a clever, so make quick response and ideas for any problem. They love freedom, adventure and work of high risk. Some people of number five are highly workaholic and restless, due to this, they may suffer from nerve related problems. Due to analytical nature they disappoint the persons who nearby them. Number five represents the card Hierophant.

Destiny Name Number - 6
The number 6 is ruled by The Venus. The 6 means Healer, Teacher, Counselor.
The persons who have destiny no. six, are influenced by Venus, a planet of love, romance, beauty, art and truth. So, they are loving persons with romantic image. They strongly trust in truth, justice and humanity and they are born teacher or healer who always ready to help others with counselling skills. The person of number six is divine lover and always stand for family and friends. They love luxury and harmony in life. Number six person may become good singer, counselor, teacher or art related experts. Number six represents the card Lovers

Expression Name Number - 7
The number 7 is ruled by The Neptune or Ketu. The 7 means Spiritual, Investigator, Seeker.
The number seven persons remain in influence of Neptune or Ketu planet. This planet represents spirituality, philosophy and mystery. They are always search answers of questions which they face in life journey. They are forced by number seven to make illusion and delusion. They have mysterious nature, They do dream a lot than others, and always investigate the reason of the happenings. They often feel, that they are gifted with clairvoyance and intuition powers. They are introvert persons and often do not share their feelings and problems with others. Number seven represents the card Chariot.

Destiny Name Number - 8
The number 8 is ruled by The Saturn. The 8 means Game changer, Money Makers, Manager.
The expression number Eight's persons are in influence of planet Saturn. This planet represents stability, true judgement and great responsibility. They have born qualities to manage financial things and politics, indeed, the person with number eight may become great businessman, leader and game changers in finance or politics world. They have good self control and determination power, with reserved nature. They can make balance everything in life and between situations. Number eight represents the card Justice.

Name Expression Number - 9
The number 9 is ruled by The Mars. The 9 means Courageous, Humanitarian, Aggressive.
People who have destiny number 9, are influenced by the qualities of planet Mars like they are aggressive persons who do not fear to take risks, they are courageous person with traits of humanity and kindness. They are always ready to help others when needed. They gets all what is determined to get by taking any levels of risk. They trust everyone and often defeated by hidden enemy, although they can not be defeated, if know their enemy. Anger and impatience is bad part of their nature. Number nine represents the card Hermit.

Name Destiny Number - 11
The number 11/2 is ruled by The Moon. The 11/2 means High Sensitive, Spiritual, Secretive.
This number 11 which is a master number and 2 is stand for single destiny number which is ruled by planet Moon. Because this number called master number, it means it has double and special powers. It represents high sensitivity, spiritual and high imagination power. The 11 number persons may be become intuitive and psychic persons. Because of Moon, they are very soft to others and do blind trust on others, and in result often gets treachery and hidden dangers from others. They have very secretive nature, people can not understood them easily. Number eleven represents the card Lion Muzzled.

Name Expression Number - 22
The number 22/4 is ruled by The Uranus or Raahu. The 22/4 means Dreamer, Systematic, Illusionist.
The 22 is called master number, the 4 is single number which is influenced by Uranus/Raahu. Due to planet traits they live in dreams. They have their world of illusion, often awake after fall in danger. Unexpected events is main traits of number 22, whole life they may face this, hidden enemies and hidden danger always remain surrounded. Although, the master number gives more powers like they are very trustworthy, good manager, energetic, capable and systematic than number two persons. They always plan for future, but they should open their eyes about warning of future events because of their illusion nature.

Name Destiny Number - 33
The number 33/6 is ruled by The Venus. The 33/6 means .
The 33 is known as master number, and the 6 is single digit number which is ruled and influenced by planet Venus. Due to double power of master number this is a fortunate or lucky number. This brings fortune for love matters, finance and money. They are true and charming lover for their partner. They are overconfidence but skilled and highly creative persons. Amazing teacher, counselor and healer are born under 33 number.

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