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Numerology Destiny Number Calculator

Each name has certain vibration and energy of planets which can be measured through numerology. The destiny number is sum of all alphabets numbers. Destiny number known as expression number or Namanak (in Hindi) also. This number says what you are and what the destiny store for you to become. Each English alphabet has a number's power which has some meaning. Numerology has various branches, mainly two methods are followed by world. The first in Pythagorean numerology and second is Chaldean numerology. The main difference in both method in name numerology are that Chaldean method calculate numbers from 1 to 8 only and Pythagorean method calculate numbers from 1 to 9. The second big difference is Pythagorean takes the name which is official or from birth certificate but Chaldean takes the most popular or current name during name number calculation. We follow Pythagorean Name Numerology Numbers, so you should use birth recorded full name with our numerology destiny number calculator.

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How to Calculate Numerology Destiny Number

According Pythagorean numerology, use your birth recorded full name only. Destiny number is sum of name numbers, here is the table showing number which assigned for each alphabet. Add all alphabet numbers and reduce them until 1 to 9. Here is an exception, if you get 11, 22 or 33, do not reduce further because these numbers called as master numbers.

Pythagorean Alphabets Destiny Numerology Numbers

Let us check with an example for the name... Teena
2+5+5+5+1 = 18 Reduce further until 1 to 9 or 11, 22, 33
1+8 = 9; The 9 is destiny number for name Teena.

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